An Evening with Andrew Montour

Andrew Montour at Fort Ashby

On Saturday evening, June 30, 2007 friends of Fort Ashby were enthrolled to meet Andrew Montour, the famous Indian translator. Andrew Montour was the son of a Canadian born French woman, Madame Catherine Montour, and an Oneida Indian chief. Montour was with George Croghan at the Logstown Conference in 1752, with George Washington before the battle of Fort Necessity, and he lived through the disaster of Gen. Braddock's defeat. He was a valuable ally of the British and a very trustworthy and competent translator for conferences. He spoke nine languages including French and English.

Montour closeup  Montour with war club

These photos show how Andrew Montour, like most native American leaders, prefered to dress mostly in European clothing to show his wealth and influence. The brass gorget worn around the neck is a European symbol of a militry officer. The paint and tatooes on his face reflect his prowess in war. Montour uses the common mixture of European clothing and native American cultural symbols.

Viewers packed the Fort Ashby barracks

A very good crowd turned out for the event packing the available space in the Fort Ashby barracks building on a beautiful summer evening.

meeting the spectators



After the talk by Andrew Montour, interpreter Bill Hunt stepped out of character to interact with the audience fielding questions about Montour and the French and Indian War. He was very well received by both the old and the young.

feeding the crowd



Showing its usual hospitality, the Fort Ashby Chapter of the DAR provided wonderful snacks for the crowd.


 This article provided courtesy of the Fort Edwards Foundation


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